Sunday, 20 January 2013

Diane is Turned into a Slut to Milk

Introduction: Diane undergoes body modification for a high-paying client who wants to make movies of her being milked to show on the internet.
Thomas received hundreds of emails once my videos hit the internet and he instructed me to describe for you what happened from my point of view. Even as long as i have been involved in this relationship and lifestyle, i still find it difficult to talk about and harder to write about but the choice isn't mine to make. So here you are. Please enjoy my story and let me know if you want more details.

First off, i need to tell you that i have no idea what Thomas did to me. That is, i am aware of the results but i do not know if the modifications he made were chemical, surgical, or done some other way. What i can tell you is that one year ago i was five foot eight and measured 38D 28, 40. Now, i am five foot ten and measure 44DD, 20, 48. My head and facial hair is all shaved clean, including my eyebrows. My eyelashes are trimmed to 1/4 inch but were left intact as a health issue. Against the current fashion, my cunt bush is huge. It comes to a peak just below my belly button and spreads quickly out and down, even past the crease between the top of my thighs and my mount. The hair is black, thick and full. i find it embarrassing, especially when around other submissives. All of them are trimmed or shaven, i am always the freak at the show. Thomas enjoys this and i belong to Thomas. 

my name was Diane and i was a successful professional in the Bay Area until Thomas entered my life. He discovered my deeply repressed submissive side and quickly took over my entire life. i left my job long ago and now spend all of my time providing the most depraved sexual services imaginable. Thomas has connections everywhere and has flown me all over the world to do "things" for pimps, princes and power brokers. "Things" that they cannot find anyone else to do.

Which leads me to the videos you have seen online. Thomas received a phone call from a very powerful connection of his in a country i cannot name. i cannot name it because i have no idea where i was taken. More about that later. 

Preparation for the video you watched took three weeks. One evening, Thomas treated me to a very nice dinner out, a five star restaurant, wine and a sumptuous dessert. We came back to the mansion and he took me to his room, gave me a back rub and used me gently all night. i came over and over, wary for the first few hours that he was leading to something bigger but finally i relaxed and allowed myself to receive for once.

The next thing i remember was opening my eyes and looking into the face of a woman in a white uniform. She was leaning over me and adjusting the pillow underneath my head. The next time i woke up there were two men in white coats standing beside the bed reading medical charts. i drifted in and out of sleep for a total of ten days. At some point, i was awake long enough to realize that i was in a hospital bed and had undergone some kind of procedure. There were tubes coming in and out of me and much of my body was numb. Once, i woke and looked down to see suction cups attached to my nipples. i felt them pulsing and could have sworn they were getting milk out of me. i fell back asleep.

Over the next several days, i was slowly encouraged to get up out of bed and walk, eat solid food, and use the toilet on my own. It was difficult. i was in a body brace and couldn't bend at the waist. Plus, my body felt different. When i looked down at myself, my breasts looked huge, my hips wider, my feet tiny and miles away. When i fell asleep at night, i was out cold, nothing woke me until the nurse showed up for my therapy the next morning.

One day, a tall, muscular male nurse showed up. He helped me out of bed and into a standing position. i was still unsteady on my feet, still felt encased by the body cast. my breasts were huge and so were my hips, i recognized that now. i needed to adjust my balance over and over before i could stand steady when he could let go of my arm. 

There were no more tubes or IVs attached to me, they'd evidently been removed overnight. With a quick motion, he untied the hospital gown and it fell around my feet. Then, he walked me around the bed and out the door of the room. i was still weak from laying in bed and having trouble balancing my new body so he had to support me more than once.

Once outside, i looked around and saw that i was still at the mansion, evidently they'd turned one of the spare rooms into a recovery room. Standing just outside the door were Thomas and three men in jeans and t shirts. One held a camera, another had a microphone hanging from a boom and the third was carrying a laptop computer.

The cameraman adjusted his lens then slowly panned my from my feet to the top of my head. Thomas turned toward the microphone and said, "the preparation has been completed, are you satisfied?" The man with the laptop gave Thomas a thumbs-up, whoever was on the other end was obviously satisfied. They closed the laptop and turned off the camera. The three of them let me alone with Thomas and the nurse.

"Are you feeing anything unusual?" the nurse asked me. Other than wondering where did i get these huge titties and fat ass, being dizzy and not knowing what the hell was going on? i thought. But i said nothing. He lifted my right breast with his hand and said to Thomas, "she should be ready by ten." Thomas looked at his watch and nodded. The nurse walked back into my room.

"You'll want to see yourself," Thomas said and led me by the hand across the large room and into another. There, i saw myself in a full length mirror for the first time. i gasped and felt tears welling in my eyes. That was the first look i had at my new body, my mammoth double-D cup titties, huge and swollen but riding high on my chest, firm and proud looking. my ass and hips were wider by easily six inches (i was wrong, they are closer to ten inches larger). But the most disturbing thing about me was my waist. i learned later that the corset i was wearing is a special fabric with metal woven in for support. i have also learned since that day that i cannot go without it for long. Whatever they did to my body has left me unable to support myself without the reinforcement of what i call The Device. i did not know that then and found the contrast startling and horrible but somehow erotic. In a very depraved way, i was the perfect hourglass figure, possibly the most extreme example anyone had ever seen.

Thomas handed me a vibrator and told me that he wanted to see me cum. i did as instructed, watching how my new body responded. my nipples were enormous and so hard when aroused that they sent small, sharp waves of pain through me. my cunt gushed juice down my legs when the vibrator first touched it, then another torrent when i came. Thomas told me to keep the vibrator there and i did. Unlike in the past, my body wasn't oversensitive, it didn't cringe from the ongoing vibrations. Instead, it craved them, my cunt lips swelling and opening like a flower, my lower body trembling as yet another orgasm shot through me. i couldn't control myself, i screamed loudly and clutched at my huge left titty with my hand. i pinched and twisted the nipple and felt something warm trickling between my fingers. Milk? i came again. Everything around me was fading, my vision could only see my body in the mirror, nothing else, my entire world was the thing in the mirror with the comically huge tits and ass and the painfully tiny waist. i pressed the vibrator against its pussy and it came and came and came.

Thomas took the vibrator away from me and i shook hard, trying to catch my breath. The corset was so tight it was difficult but eventually i calmed myself down. Thomas produced a handkerchief and wiped off my left hand, then dabbed gently at my nipples. i had squirted. Or was i imagining it? He took my hand and walked me back to my room.

The male nurse was standing at the side of the bed, a machine on the table next to him. Thomas had me sit in a chair and the man smiled at me and told me to relax. Then, he opened the top of the machine and pulled out two long rubber hoses with long, clear cups at the end. It was a milking machine. i hadn't dreamed it! Afraid, i shook my head and tried to get up out of the chair but Thomas's hands were on my shoulders. The nurse flipped a switch and the suction started. He held one of the cups near my left nipple and i felt a rush of disgust and humiliation as i leaned forward into it. They both laughed. Thomas told me i'd been being milked every morning before waking up for the last several weeks. The milk was part of my breakfast. i shook my head but felt myself lean forward when the nurse held the right cup out to me.

The milking took just over twenty minutes. i was wild with arousal by the time it was finished and begged Thomas to give me the vibrator. He handed it to me and they both left the room. i came over and over until i finally fell asleep exhausted.

That finally brings me to the videos that have been posted on the Internet. Everything up to this point had been to prepare me for my assignment. i was taken to a private jet one morning early. There were eight men on board plus Thomas and me. They spent the first few hours having me parade around the plane in my corset and high heels, admiring my figure and touching me as i walked by. As the flight dragged on, i felt my titties start to ache. The plane had taken off at nine in the morning and it was now nearly two in the afternoon. i'd been milked regularly each morning at ten and i was beginning to get tender and sore. When lunch was ready, i delivered it. Afterwards, i was allowed a salad, a portion of fish, and two glasses of wine. By now, it was nearly five o'clock and my titties were in pain. One of the men called me over and started running his fingers through my crotch hair. i moaned and felt my cunt twitch. i saw him laugh and point and noticed that there was a drop of milk bubbling from my left nipple. i was completely humiliated and stepped away from him, but i felt another man's hands on my ass, his fingers sliding between my legs. i opened them immediately and felt the drop fall from my nipple and land on my leg. Then it started. The men passed me around one to the next, sucking milk out of my swollen titties and listening to me cum from the feeling. When they were tired of that, they had me suck each of them off, being careful to swallow every drop and not dirty their suits.

When the jet landed, i was shuttled by van to a building that looked like a research facility. Once inside, they took me into the room you saw on the videotape. i knelt belly down on the bench with the light brown leather top, a wide belt strapped around my back and buckled underneath to secure me in place. Then, the suction cups were attached and the latex hood put on me. i spend the next two weeks in that spot, my cunt and ass raped and violated by men, dildoes, women with strap-ons and anything else anyone chose to use on me, my mouth swallowing gallons of cum as man after man used me that way and always, the milking machine. 

By the end of the first week, i was producing milk more or less constantly all day. Not much was coming out and the pain was excruciating but they seemed satisfied. The man who was paying for this, a man who was careful to always wear a mask that covered his eyes when he came to inspect - but never actually use - me, always clucked his satisfaction in his native language. i wish i had recognized it, maybe one of you has figured out what he was saying from listening to the videos?

i have no idea whether they let me go home because they were bored or because Thomas has something new for me to do, but i am writing this on the jet on my way back to...ah, you know i cannot tell you what State i am in, now can i?

Nurse and daughter

My boldness had put me in bad situations before and one such situation ocuured a few years ago after i had some surgery and was in the hospital recovering for a few days. I was in pain and unlucky that most of the nurses, or the girl that took my blood were not all that hot except for one nurse named Connie. Connie worked the second shift and she was fiesty and friendly if you knew how to relate to her but the younger nurses seemed to fear her. She must have been about early 50's and having talked some divorced with one married daughter. Connie would talk more when it involved her daughter Stacey. She referrd to her as her wild child and said her husband was abusive and she didn't know why she stayed with him. Connie was fun to talk with and she had a decent body for her age and pretty big tits but she never flaunted her assets in her nurses outfit. The day i was to go home i talked her into giving me her number and told her when i was up to it maybe we could go out and she said we'll see. I called her a few times and about a month later i took her out for coffee. I picked her up at her house in the countryside about 15 minutes from stores and restaurants and she talked of loving the peace of the country as opposed to living in town. I was kind of enamored with her and she looked lovely in regular clothes. That date she had on a yellow laced top and yellow sweater with dress blue jeans and short high heels. She had a nice tan and i saw no tan her tits were so juicy looking in her lacey top with lots of cleavage and she wore this big gold cross on her neck. We were on our third date and back at her place and making out on the couch and i got her top off and was enjoying fondling, licking and sucking on her nice tits trying to get her ready to fuck but the farthest she would go is rubbing my cock with her hand. She said she wasn't ready and had not been with a man in years. Later that night after a long call with her daughter she told me after hanging up and that they had another huge fight and she was coming to stay with her for awhile. Apparently she lived in West Virgina at the time.
A few days later on the weekend i came to pick up Connie for a date and her daughter was there. She was the spitting imagage of her mom except for the tan and a better butt. Connie and Stacy were arguing some and i could tell they didn't really get along and Connie asked me if we could just stay in and i said sure. That evening we hung out and watched tv and sat on the patio out back and her daughter would come and go back and forth to her bedroom. At one point Connie gat mad at her and told her to go put some clothes on because she was only wearing a bathing suit top of a bikini and some short shorts. I had been getting some vibes from her and wondered if she was sending out signals or it was just my ego thinking so. Then Connie got a call from the hospital telling her they needed her to come in and fill in the rest of the shift because they were short handed and 2 nurses had left called off and another was sick and wanted to go home.
Connie said she would be back by midnight if i wanted to wait and i think she was ready to have some fun with me so i told her i would be here when she got home. We had been about to make dinner so she told me to just get whatever i wanted. Of course my dirty mind thought ..OK..i will fuck Stacy It was a nice warm day and when Stacy came from her room we got coldcuts and had sandwiches and she still had that same outfit on her mom didn't like. But i liked it and her big tits..maybe 34D hanging in them like ripe mellons.
As we ate Stacy sat on a chair with her legs crossed under her and she just blurted out..So..are you fucking my mom yet ? I about shot myself being caught of guard like that and have not gone there. She asked..why not...don't you think she is hot enough for you ? Is she too old for you. I said not at all. i find her very attractive and our age difference is no more than yours and mine. Our relationship just has not gotten to that stage yet. She laughed and said all men want sex tell me the truth..are you having sex with my mom and i said no..seriously.
Stacy said..thats hard to believe..your a pretty hot guy for your age and i said i am not that old. Then i said..i am going to sit out back and went out. About 10 minutes later Stacy came out with a beer in hand for me and i said thankyou. As i sipped the beer Stacy kind of stretched and i felt like she was giving me a show as she said well not much daylight left..think i will take some sun and she slowly wiggled out of her shorts and i saw the bottom half of her bikini. She had a great ass and as she bent over taking them off he legs she put her hand on my shoulder for support and her tits looked unbelieveable. She said..oh i forgot a blanket and walked back in and came back and spread it out showing off her body as she spread it our and she said..with a little giggle know i like to lay out without a top just like my mom..did you know mom sunbathed that way. I said we never talked about it but i didn't notice any tan said would you mind..all in the family right ? I said no not at all and she took off her top and she had great firm tits and she pulled on the bottom of her bikini bottom and straightened it out as she layed down and of course made sure to lay with her legs facing me and she spread them just a bit. I was sipping on my beer and getting a hard on as her tits looked like little mountains projecting from her chest and hardly sagging and i saw no hair around her bikini bottom imagining she had sweet shaved pussy. She layed there for about 5 minutes with her eyes closed and then still ok over there..i sat oh yeah..and she smiled and said..that beer gettting warm in your hands and i had all i could take. I got up and walked softly to her and poured some of what was left in my bottle over her tits and she sat up and laughed..saying..ohh...she hesitated for a minute looking up at me and i was sure she had noticed i was hard and she your going to have to lick this off me and giggled. I looked at her and holding the beer bottle in one hand pulled down my shorts and stood there with this erect tool and poured the rest of the beer on my cock and said you first and walked to her and she smiled and put out her hand and stroked it a couple times and went down on me sucking my cock as she layed on the blanket. She had me so horny and i wanted to taste her so i pushed her back and she layed down and i said take it off and she wriggled out of her bikini bottom and i was down over her licking her tits and kissing them and sucking on her nipples and enjoying the taste of beer on her tits and then i moved around and layed down on top of her in the 69 position and she spread her legs wider and i heard her would kill my mom with this thing...i like big dicks i felt her head reach up and take my cock in her mouth as i started to eat her pussy. Very quickly we were pressing ourselves down on each other and our faces were taking it all in and we were both kind of moaning and i said..mmmmmmm..nice pussy and she was have a great tongue and then sucking me harder. Then i rolled off and layed on the blanket on my back and she mounted me and rode me to climax for both of us. We were laying there sideways playing with each other ready for round 2 when we heard Connie's car coming up the gravel driveway. She had come home early and we scrambled to get our clothes on which we did in time but only with Stacy carrying the balnket and her shorts in hand and running to her room. I sat out back trying to act cool and Connie came out saying they had another girl come in so she came home but she was so tired. We sat around for a bit and then went inside and sat on the couch watching tv until she fell asleep. I made my mistake then. I was so horny for Stacy i got up quietly and went to her room and we fucked for an hour or so and decided to shower together. Bad MISTAKE. Connie must have heard the shower running and had come into the bathroom to see us with the shower curtain pulled back enough to see Stacy standing up and bent over and i was standing behind her and you could hear the slapping of my balls against her as i was fucking her hard and fast. We had not locked the door and had not heard it open and then we heard her scream and yell what are you doing ? !! was pretty i pulled out and Stacy stood up and tried to cover herself with the shower curtain saying what are you doing in here..then Connie got mad and said what i am doing..your here fucking my boyfriend and she was pissed telling me to get out which i did and half dressed and wet got out of there as fast as i could.
Connie would not return any of my calls after that but Stacy had found my number of Connie's cell phone and called me. Things had quieted down but her mom was stilled pissed at her and she said her mom hated me and never wanted to see me again. Which turned out fine because i secretly started to date Stacy and would plow her a couple times a week as they say in the She loved to fuck and was fun but we had nothing in common and i got bored and stopped calling her or responding to her calls which was fine. She didn't know where i lived because i always fucked her in a motel or my vehicle or outside and it was a good few months of fun while it lasted.

My best friends sister

A few years ago i was staying at my friends house for a few days while my family was out of town. Not that they didnt trust me but i had nothing better to do. We were in the basement watching tv, playing guitar, and having a few drinks when his sister walked down. she was extremely attractive and had liked me for a while but my friend didnt approve so i stayed away from her. about an hour later (1:00 AM) he left to go get a pack of cigs. It was me and her on the couch with nobody around and i knew something was going to happen. " it's really cool that your staying here for a few days" she said. i said yeah knowing that she was trying to start something. "i dont know why my brother doesnt want me to like you, it shouldnt matter to him" she said. Well i guess its weird to him having his little sister and his best friend together" i replied.
She leaned over in my ear and whispered "He doesnt have to know". My blood was pumping and i knew this was it, what was going to happen. She pressed her lips on mine and slid her tongue in my mouth. No, ithought, "i shouldnt do this to my friend" but i couldnt resist her. She stood up and started to take off her shirt, slowly pulling it over her head. Then she took off her pants, then her bra, then her panties. She then took my clothes off and layed down on the couch. "Go to it" she said. I layed down in between her legs and started licking her clit. I slowly went up and down and pushed my tongue inside of her while she moaned in pleasure then she picked up my head and layed me on my back. she got on her hands and knees and gave me a blowjob. back and forth going deeper into her throat. she wanted it rough so i pushed her head down until she gagged on my cock. tears rolled down her face and she said thats how she wanted it, so i continued.then i picked up her head and turned her around, slipping in my cock from the back. She told me to go hard and deep so i did pounding so hard i thought i was going to break her little body in two. deeper and deeper as she moaned outloud in pleasure.
I then pulled it out and started to prod at her ass. She said no because she had never done it before nad knew it would hurt but then she said "fuck it, go ahead" so i slowly put it in. she cried a little bit but told me to go deep and hard again and i did, reluctantly. within a few minutes she loved it and was screaming in pain and pleasure as i pounded deep into her ass. she then told me she was going to come and to go back in her pussy so i slammed my dick into her pussy and she screamed and (much to my surprise) squirted onto the coach. "wow" i said, "i didnt know you could squirt". "you better believe it" she said. I went back into her ass and we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We thought it was her brother but it was too late to get our clothes on so we just continued. Down the stairs came her friend, who was also very attractive and she gasped in disbelief. She came over and asked what we were doing like it wasnt obviouse but then with some persuation we got her to join us. My friends sister ate her friends pussy while i destroyed her ass.
Then footsteps again, but once again not her brother. It was her mom who stood there frozen, mouth wide open staring at me inside her naked daughter ass and her daughter who's tongue was barried deep in her friends pussy. She turned around and said nothing, walking back upstairs. We continued and moments later i came inside her ass, as instructed and then watched her friend lick it out while i ate her pussy. to this day though its akward to speak to her mother knowing she saw us that night.

Lactation room

CRASH!!! "What the hell was that," Andy Ozinski said to himself, as he walked passed the closed office door on his way to the copy machine room! The long corridor was empty, as most of the staff were out to lunch, and Andy wondered who could possibly using the vacant office at this hour. Well who ever it was, they sure as hell were making quite a racket in there, so Andy put his ear to the door, listened for a few moments, and then slowly turned the handle and pushed into the supposedly empty office. What he saw totally floored him, and for several seconds he stood there slack jawed, and quite unable to speak! "I-I-I'm sorry," a red faced Andy stammered, "I heard the glass breaking and just wanted to make sure everything was okay!" The reason for his discomfort was seated in a straight back chair next to some sort of contraption with hoses and wires connected to her chest, it was the new secretary, Donna Wilkens with her breasts exposed!!! "That's all right Mr. Ozinski, I have a new baby at home, and every four hours or so I have to milk by breasts and save it for later," she replied, "but I'm having all sorts of trouble with the stupid machine, and I just knocked a jar of milk on the floor, and well, nothing seems to be working out today!!!" Andy was listening to what Donna Wilkens was saying, but his eyes were riveted to the magnificent tits that sprung from Donna's slim chest! Andy remembered when his own wife, Sheila, was pregnant, but even on her best day, her boobs couldn't have held a candle to Donna's incredible mammaries!!! "Do you think you could check out my breast pump," she asked earnestly, "it seems to have stopped working, and my breasts are starting to hurt from all the milk!?!" "Uh, sure," stammered Andy, "I've never worked on a breast pump before, but I guess I could give it a look!" The closer he got to Donna's chest the harder his pecker became, and he hoped that she wouldn't notice!!! "Let's see what we've got here," he said, as he began checking out the hoses that ran from Donna's dark distended nipples back to the pump unit. After a minute or two of examination Andy offered, "Ahhhh, I see what the problem is, there's a small crack in the suction hose right here, see it!?!" Donna leaned forward to get a better look at the hose, and in the process her boobs jiggled from side to side, making Andy let loose with an audible groan! "Here it is," Andy said softly, "that little crack keeps prevents the machine from making suction, which in turn doesn't allow the milk to be pumped from your breasts!!!" "What am I going to do," Donna said in a half wailing voice, "I've gotta get this milk out of my breasts, they're starting to hurt!?!" "Well," Andy replied, "you're going to have to replace that hose, until then you're out of luck, I'm sorry!!!" Andy turned around and was about to leave when Donna asked, "Do you think you could milk them for me, once at home during a power outage, my husband milked them enough to take the pressure off them!?!" Andy was dumb founded at the request, but as soon as he realized that she was serious, he went over and locked the door, pulled up another chair next to Donna and asked, "How do you milk them?!?" Donna pulled the two suction cups off of her nipples, put a mason jar under one of them and with her free hand showed Andy how to force the milk from her breast! "See, you just gently squeeze just above the nipple and pull it a little, and voila, the milk squirts out!!!" "Now," she ordered, "you try it!" With trembling hands, Andy took hold of one of Donna's nipples and using the same technique she had just demonstrated, he began extracting the milk from her breast! "Hey," he said excitedly, "it's easy, look at how much we have all ready!!!" Donna leaned back in the chair, and relaxed while Andy worked on her breasts while asking, "Am I hurting you," wanting to make sure that everything was okay?!?" "Oh no," she replied, "on the contrary, your fingers feel wonderful, much better than that old breast pump!!!" Andy continued milking the young woman, still unable to believe that she was allowing him to have his way with her spectacular chest! Andy alternated from one breast to another, giving each one a rest from the constant squeezing and pulling, and he was just about to ask Donna how much more they needed to extract when he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman who was sexually excited! Donna had made a soft moan and unconsciously pressed her thighs together, sure indicators that she was highly aroused!!! Licking his lips, which had now become very dry, Andy decided to take a chance and without even asking, he leaned over and took a dark nipple into his mouth! "Oh, god," Donna groaned, "you do that so well!!!" "Sweet jesus," Andy thought, "I don't believe this is happening to me," as he slurped on Donna's chest!!! "Andy, dear," she cooed softly, "suck some milk from my nipples, it turns me on so much to breast feed a man!!!" Andy didn't need another invitation, and using his lips and tongue he drew hard on the puffy nipple, and incredibly his mouth was flooded with sweet tit milk!!! Donna hissed loudly as he nursed harder and harder, while he alternated between the two dark nipples!!! "Andy," she asked again, "would you do me a favor!?!" By now Andy would have walked over burning coals for this big titted bitch, and he pulled away long enough to pant, "Anything, you just name it!!!" "Andy darling," she went on, "my vagina is so wet and squishy, and you suck so well, do you think you could suck my vagina for me!?!" Andy, now delirious with lust, didn't even reply, but instead reached under Donna's skirt and pulled off her lacy pink panties, while the big tittied bitch moaned again, spreading her legs wide, and asked in a pleading voice, "Please, Andy, do me now, please do me now!!!" The musky aroma of wet pussy filled his nostrils, which of course had the immediate effect of turning his pecker into a piece of blue steel! Donna's pussy was a mass of tangled black pubic hair with a bright pink pair of lips running right down the middle it! Andy nosed around the out side of pussy while savoring the sweet smell of an aroused vagina, while Donna squirmed her ass around, trying in vain to get Andy to make contact with her protruding clit!!! He teased her for a few moments more, before burying his tongue deep into her love canal, and almost the instant his tongue made connected with her throbbing clitoris, Donna arched her back, took her huge chest in her hands, and seconds later was engulfed by a shattering orgasm!!! "Oh, Andy," she moaned loudly, "you are the best tit-clit sucker I've ever had!!!" Andy bored in hard, making sure that her orgasm was over before he removed his mouth from her split wide apart organ! "Andy," she asked breathlessly, "would you show it to me, please!?!" Andy fairly leaped to his feet and with shaking hands opened up his trousers and extracted his seven inches of thick gristle!!! "Oh my," she said softly, "what a beautiful erection, may I suck it for you, please!?!" Andy stepped closer, so Donna didn't have to stretch, and seconds later the head of his cock was surrounded by the softest, sweetest mouth he had ever felt and he panted, "Oh, god, suck it harder!!!" It seemed that her mouth went into overdrive, and Andy's pecker was getting the sucking of its life!!! Looking down at her sweet innocent face, huge chest, and wide open crotch was just too much for Andy to take, and the only warning that Donna got was a low moan that became a crescendo as his balls emptied their sperm into her sucking mouth!!! As his cum blasted into her throat, she reached down to her pussy, and with two or three hard fast strokes on her clit, she had another orgasm that coincided with his own!!! All Andy could say was, "Wow!!!", while Donna just lay there and savored the feeling that still pulsed through her groin!!! "Andy put his pecker back into his pants and said, "Now make sure you replace that hose, and I think your pump will work just fine!" She rolled her head to face him and replied sweetly, "Mmmmmmm, I will, but I think you'd better check it out for me tomorrow to make sure it works, okay!!!" Andy smiled down at her and answered, "Yeah, good idea!!!"

Daddy & Daughter

I got home from school tired and hungry and went straight for the fridge. I took out some bread and cold cuts and started to make a sandwich. I was startled when I heard feet tromping down the stairs no one should be home at this hour my Dad was at work and my Mother passed away when I was born I grabbed a knife and was prepared to use it who ever that was, since I was only 11 and small built. As the footsteps rounded the corner I was relieved to see my Dad he was only wearing his boxer shorts and his cock was really big and hard. It looked like it was about to come out of them. 

My Dad asked why I had the knife in my hand I immediately put it down and said I didn’t expect him home today. He said he took a personal day off since he had a lot on his mind and he also bought me a present and wanted me to open it. I asked were it was and he said it’s in his bedroom. I was excited since it wasn’t my birthday or any occasion, but I always loved presents from my Dad he was always so great with buying me a new computer, a TV, Ipod and I wondered what else I needed. As I ran up the stairs into his room he was following close by I saw the present laying on the bed a bright shiny red box with Victoria Secret name on it. I couldn’t imagine was it was. Maybe a new bra since I was coming of age I opened the box with vigor and as I tore through the tissue paper I saw a white lace panties and a small lacey bra. I got my bra and it was prettier than I thought, but I had a questionable look about the panties. He asked me to go into the bathroom and try them on to make sure they fit. 

The bra was comfortable and very nice but the panties had a hole where my crotch was. I asked Dad “I think you need to take back the panties Daddy there is a hole in my crotch area.” He asked if I was done and I said “Yes, but the panties have a hole in them.”. He asked me to come out of the bathroom so he can see for himself. As I stepped out of the bathroom I saw my Dad lying on his bed he asked me to come over next to him so he can see for himself the hole between my panties. I stood next to him and he took his hand and put it on my crotch I opened my stance a little wider so he can see for himself and he had a smile on his face. He said “They are suppose to be that way so I can rub your small pussy anytime I want.” As he started to rub my clitoris slowly my eyes started to get big I was stunned and I froze. My Dad shouldn’t be touching me this way I was his only daughter. 

Tears started to swell in my eyes and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock and said “It’s okay sweetie Daddy is going to make you feel good and you are still my special little girl, but Daddy wants to play with you and you need to play with Daddy, since Daddy really needs this. Go on sweetie start rubbing my dick back and forth like this.” He took his hand and placed it around my hand that was around his cock and started rubbing it up and down. “Oh Daddy really likes that and I can tell you like this too cause your tiny pussy is wet and Daddy like that very much.” He placed another finger and slid it up and down my pussy. I started to feel very horny down below and moaned a little. His lips came closer to mine and he kissed me saying “Oh Daddy loves you sweetie and your going to be sleeping with Daddy from now on. When you get a little older I’m going to give you another gift and deposit Daddy baby making seeds into your belly and we’re going to make a baby.” Just has he said that I came all over his two fingers and moaned really load saying “Daaadddyyyy.” as I removed my hand from his cock and placed both on his shoulder for support since I was about to collapse he kissed me again and saying “Oh my little girl loves that doesn’t she.” I couldn’t lie and whispered “Yes Daddy I loved your fingers in my pussy.” 

I was light headed he smiled and kissed me and picked me up and placed me on the bed next to him. “Now that you came all over Daddy’s finger sweetie Daddy needs to cum too. Can you help Daddy cum?” “Yes Daddy, what do you want me to do?“ I said “Take Daddies cock and place it in your mouth and suck it like you suck a Popsicle, but remember don’t use your teeth or I’ll spank you really hard.” I never liked it when Daddy spanked me since he hit really hard and left a blister on my butt for over a month one time. So I was frightened and scared because I didn’t want my teeth to touch his cock. I lowered myself eye level to his cock and I looked up at him he said “I know its big sweetie, but you’ll be able to practice when ever you want and one day you’ll be able to take Daddy’s whole cock in your mouth, but for today you can start with sucking Daddy’s head.” He grabbed my head lowered it and pushed me forward “Now open wide baby.” I opened my mouth and he shoved the head portion of his cock in my mouth and he took my head and bobbed it up and down so I wasn’t going to deep but my Daddy had a cock with a lot of girth on it. “That’s it baby think of sucking on a think chocolate shake cause Daddy has the cream that needs to cum out and you’ll be swallowing it soon.” Just then I tasted something warm and salty Daddy started to moan, “Oh baby, Daddy likes that.” he forgot to concentrate on bobbing my head that he shoved my whole head into his cock. I gagged and the gagging sound made him cum. As he was dumping loads upon loads of cum down my throat he said “That’s it baby take it and swallow it! Swallow it. come on sweetie you can do it.” As the last shot of cum coated the back on my throat he realized that I was chocking on his cock as I gasped for air and chocking on his cum. “Oh my poor baby I’m so sorry sweetie I forgot we were only going to do the head that I slammed you all the way and you did a wonderful job not using your teeth and swallowing all of Daddy’s cum in your mouth” As I took a long deep breath he pulled me up and held me in his arms. “Daddy is so proud of you sweeties and loves you more than anything.”

He took his hand and pulled down a portion of my bra and started to twist my nipples and this was making me feel aroused. “Daddy?” I said, “Yes baby!” “Why are you molesting me?” he looked at me and anger fueled his eyes. “You are not going to say anything to anyone do you hear me! And if you tell anyone so help me god I’m going to beat you to a pulp and maybe even kill you.” I was scared then and said “I’m sorry Daddy, I’m not going to say anything to anyone, I promise.” And I did mean that and he knew it too. He looked and me and said he was sorry he frighten me, but he loves me so much and wanted to show how much he loves me. He kissed me and stuck his tongue deep inside my mouth I felt horny with Daddy rubbing my nipple, kissing me with his tongue inside of me and holding me tight. I started to rub my wet pussy on the side of his hip and he felt it immediately and asked, “Does my sweet baby girl want Daddy’s cock inside of her.” I smiled at him and replied “Yes Daddy!” removed his hand from my nipple and I sighed he said “don’t worry sweetie, Daddy will play with your nipples with my tongue” he picked me up and lifted me up and said “I need you to straddle me sweetie and I place your cute pussy on my cock, it’ll hurt for a bit but I promise you only feel the hurt once. Now spread your legs for Daddy.” As I opened my legs and straddled my daddy he gently placed me over his cock. It was sticking straight up waiting for my pussy to slide over it. “That a good girl, Daddy’s going to fuck you now and pop your sweet little cherry.” I felt the tip of his cock on my crotch and he eased me down on it ‘Relax sweetie, it only hurts once.” I tried to relax as his set my down I felt my Daddy’s huge cock spreading my crotch the juices from my crotch made it easy for my Daddy’s cock to go inside the head was first and as my crotch spread wider I felt a little pain, he eased me down some more and he said “Oh Sweetie your so tight your about to make Daddy cum quickly” just then his hands that were easing me down around my waist tighten and he slammed me down as far as he could on his cock. The pain ripped through me, my eyes swelled up and I was screaming “Daddy OUCH, DADDY STOP YOUR HURTING ME!” “OUCH DADDY IT HURTS” He lifted me up and slammed me down a few more times and said “I’m sorry sweetie, daddy can’t help it, I’m Cumming inside of you now.” And just then I felt the pain and hot cum coat my cervix and uterus. I felt his pulsating cock fill me and rip right through my pussy. I was still crying he leaned upwards and bend down to start sucking on my nipples this felt really good and I forgot about the pain and agony my little pussy was being abused I felt his veins from his cock. I yelled, “Oh DADDY PLEASE MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY, PLEASE DADDY STOP, DON’T, STOP, DON’T, STOP” which he heard don’t stop when I really wanted him to stop the pain was unbearable. He kept pounding away then he let go of his grip and I felt his cock grow smaller and it was easier to fuck my Daddy now. 

He was licking my nipples and I felt aroused again. I started to move up and down on Daddy, since his cock was smaller and I felt like I was about to come. “So my baby likes Daddy’s dick inside of her?” I didn’t respond all I could do was moan and watch my Daddy suck my hard nipple, I started to bounce harder on my Daddy’s cock and I could feel all his juices inside me making it easier for me to rub up and down on him. I loved the way he felt inside of me and now I was glad my Daddy was molesting me. “Fuck me hard Daddy, plant your seeds inside of me Daddy, Please.” I begged him my eyes full of love he stopped and looked up at me and said “Oh Daddy loves that kind of talk from his baby girl. So you want Daddy to get you pregnant?” right them I felt myself about to cum all over his cock “Yes Daddy, I want your baby!” He grabbed me tightly and I felt his cock get harder and bigger and rolled me onto my back. “Daddy’s going to fuck you real good! And he’s going to plant his seeds inside of you and we are going to make a baby so if it’s a boy he can fuck you and if it’s a girl I’ll be fucking her too.” After he said that I came really hard all over my Daddy’s cock, just the thought of our baby boy fucking me made me excited. I felt my Daddy cum at the same time I did. After he planted all his seeds inside of me he pinned me down laying on top of me exhausted. I had to ask him to get up cause he was crushing our future baby and me. He loved that I was talking about our future baby. “Sweetie you can stay home this whole week from school cause Daddy’s going to take a few vacation days to fuck you properly.” 

Daddy wanted me naked most of the time the only time I got dressed was when he wanted to see me in my panties and bra. I was horny for him all the time and wanted to suck his cock when he was making dinner, watching TV, on the phone with his friends. He was pleased that I was so eager to try new positions or learn things from porno’s we watched or sex books that he bought. This went on for 2 years I was sad that I wasn’t pregnant sooner, but he always would say this is our special time together before the babies. Now he wanted a boy and two girls he thought the bigger the family the more we can play. Three months after I turned 13 I got pregnant it was a happy day for both my Daddy and me and he pulled me out of school and we moved to Utah, since he thought with what we were doing it was safer to be in a area of polygamist kind of families that don’t ask to many question of why a 13 year old is pregnant. Even though I was in the house most of the time, which he fucked me every chance he got. 

I was 6 months pregnant and showing he brought me to the Dr’s office and he was sitting next to me while I was laying down and my feet in the stirrups. By now Daddy knew most of the town and he told everyone that I got pregnant by my ex boyfriend except the Dr’ knew by my cervix I was fucked by a grown man and Daddy was honest with our Doctor, since he could be a trusted. Daddy was playing with my nipple as we were waiting in the room. My boobs started to develop and Dad loved to milk them all the time as the milk was dripping out of my nipple he stood up leaned over and sucked the milk. My crotch was getting excited. I removed the hospital gown I was wearing so I laid naked on the table. He grabbed my other breast and began to squeeze it softly and pinch the nipple. I grabbed my Daddy’s cock and unzipped his fly and leaned my head so I could start sucking it. He started to ram his cock into my throat, I was moaning for him to cum into my mouth I wanted so bad to taste him, just then I could taste his pre cum the Dr walked in on us. He shut the door immediately and locked it Daddy came into my mouth as I sucked him dry. “Sorry Doc.” Daddy said “I can’t help myself when I’m with her.” The Dr looked at my wet crotch “Well, I won’t be needing any lube then.” We all laughed. The Dr put on the gloves, but I was still horny and they could see it. “Are you ready for me to check what the sex of the baby is?” the Dr said. I looked at my Daddy and said “Daddy I want to know the sex but I need sex now!” He smiled at me and said, “When he’s done I take care of you sweetie.” Just then I felt the Dr put three fingers in my pussy and he took his other hand and rubbed my clit with his thumb “Oh Doc, what are you doing to me Doc. OOOOHH that feels so good.” My Daddy zipped up his pants and looked over to see the Dr. finger fuck me. “What are you doing!” demanded my Daddy. “Your daughter needed a little help and since I’m a lonely old man with no children of my own and your little secret I thought since I’m keeping a secret I want to be apart of your secret.” Just as the Dr said that he stuck in a forth finger I moaned with pleasure then he pulled his hand out and buried his face in my hairless pussy and licked my clit. I grabbed my daddy’s hands and placed them on my boobs and said “Watch him Daddy watch him fuck me!” right after I said fuck me the Dr got up pulled his pants down, took his cock and shoved it so deep inside my pussy that I came instantly! The pleasure was unbelievable my Daddy squeezed my boobs really hard and I lactated all over the place. It was like a fountain spitting straight up “Did you like that sweetie, are you okay?” Daddy asked sincerely. “Yes Daddy he felt good inside.” Just then he came down and kissed me. “I love you sweetheart.” I was starting to feel horny again and said “Daddy, Doc I want two cocks inside of me can I have that!” Both of them looked at me laying there naked both with longing eyes that wanted to bounce on me so fast that it would make a jack rabbit look slow. 

Daddy removed his clothes and said “Whatever my daughter want my daughter gets.” The Dr looked at me and his cock was getting hard again “How can I say no to a pregnant little girl.” The Doc said. “Stand up!” I removed my legs out of the stirrups and stood up. My Daddy was holding me and said; “Now as long as you’re okay with this sweetie I don’t mind.” I looked up at him “Yes Daddy I need to get practice if we are going to have a boy in our Family.” I winked at him and the Dr immediately knew what we were up too. Daddy laid down on the table both him and the Dr helped me get my ass into position so has I was being lowered onto my Daddy’s cock I felt it spread open my ass checks and into the hole “Daddy loves your ass sweeties, your hole is so tight!” just then he grabbed my waist and eased his cock all the way in my hole. It really did hurt but the best part was coming. The Dr lowered the stirrups so I could easily spread my legs wide for both of them and when me les were in he pushed my legs wider and he locked them in, which made my Dad moan in pleasure because my butt hole became tighter. “Daddy likes that, say Doc can you spread he legs a little more for me I want my dick really tight in my daughter.” The Doc laughed and unlocked the stirrups spread my legs wider, which really hurt and locked them in again. “How that!” said the Doc “Perfect, my daughters ass is super tight, are you ready to be double tagged sweetheart?” “Yes!” I moaned just then the Doc dick went right inside of me as the Doc moved in and out of me I could feel both cocks pre cum shooting in and they could feel the other cock as well. “When our son is born you’ll be sucking his dick right now.” As Daddy said this I started cumming and I couldn’t stop as I was breathing really fast and panting the Doc came inside of me and so did my Dad. “So” the Doc said, “Lets find out the sex of your baby.” Dad didn’t move he was enjoying the tightness of my ass and I was enjoying him being inside of me rubbing my stomach gently the Doc squirted some lotion on my stomach, which was cold and got the sonogram out he rolled it over my stomach and we saw tow babies. We were so happy then and then the Doc looked at me with concern and said “Sweetie you’re going to be really tired because your having twin boys. Just as he said that Dad came inside of me again and this time I knew why he was thinking of our sons fucking their Mommy and him watching and training them as I thought about it I fingered myself to a orgasm. 

Showing it all to the whole family

Showing it all to the whole family
So a little background, I am a 21 year old, average build, nice perky tits, all around average girl. Very outgoing but never have had a boyfriend. I will say though that I am non stop horny all the time. Unfortunatly still living at home as most of us young people do, there was really never much time to masturbate. Everytime my mom dad and 19 year old brother would leave I would immediatly rub myself to orgasm so as to not to waste the moment.
One particular day my family said they were all going into town for a few hours to do some grocery shopping. Of course I said I didnt want to go and I eagerly watched through the curtain as the minivan pulle dout of the driveway and took off. I ran to my bedroom and tore off my clothes. I could feel my pussy already drenched and dripping juices down my legs. I decided since I had time I would do it in the living room and kitchen areas and after clearing off the coffee table I laid down on it and spread myself open. As I began rubbing my clit and toying with my pussy lips I decided I wanted so much more. Not having a vibrator I looked around and saw my moms massage chair in the corner. I ran over to it and sat down on the edge spreading my pussy lips and pushing my pussy into the edge of the chair. I turned the chair on and immediatly I was screaming with pleasure. I could feel myself building to a great orgasm and looked down and was shocked to see juices squirting out. I freaked out and pulled myself off the chair and saw as a huge puddle of juices were on the chair. I ran to the hall closet and got a towel and mopped up my mess. Having never squirted in my life I was a little scared but yet still turned on. After cleaning up I laid on the counter and with a cucumber i found in the fridge i began fucking my pussy. AS I began to build up I started raising my body off the counter, and pushed my feet up till I was just on the balls of my feet. I began pumping so fast and I did not hear the garage door open and my mom dad and sister walked in and walked right by me. I swear I never heard them. I continued to fuck my pussy with the cucumber and when i felt it come I pulled it out and I shot pussy juices all over the counter, floor and fridge. Convulsing I slipped off the counter and when I got up real quick I saw my family staring at me. So embaresses and freaking out I ran into the bathroom crying and locked the door. With juices still pooring out of my pussy, I tried cleaning up and heard a knock on the door. I aloqly opened it and my mom walked in and shut the door behind her. What she said suprised me to no end, " ali if you want to masturbate put a towel underneath yourself because you are a squirter just like me. In shock my mom turned around and walked out and it was never discussed again!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What a simple SMS message can lead to......

What a simple SMS message can lead to......

A true story from about 4 years ago...... hope you like.

J worked for our company but in an office 80 miles away from where I lived and worked, as we had remote offices all over the place. J was actually made redundant, so I no longer had daily contact with her via the phone. However, she managed to get a position elsewhere in another modality within the company some months later.
It was one christmas about 8 months after J left that I had a random text from her, saying Merry Xmas. I was surprised, as we had not been that close before, but it was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, as J was back within the company, I now had contact with her again, and I mentioned the text that she had sent to me and told her how it surprised me. We carried on talking for sometime, and then we agreed to meet up.
I often worked away from home, in other countries, and therefore took many flights. As I had arranged a very early morning flight, I decided to head down to stay near the airport the night before, and found the most wonderful B&B. Coincidently, this was also about 5 miles from where J lived. We arranged for me to pick her up, and to go for a drink, but as soon as I got to her place, she said that we should take the car back to the B&B so that we could both enjoy a drink without worrying about the driving. She could then get a cab back to hers afterwards.
We parked up and took the short walk to a local pub where we had a great meal, and way too many drinks! There was a lot of chat, and some of it got quite saucy in places. I asked if J wanted me to call her a taxi, but she said she wanted a little walk first to clear her head. Before we knew it we had walked back to the B&B, so I invited J in. She was amazed at this beautiful house where I was staying. We arrived at my room where inside there was a huge Queen size bed, lovely furniture including a window seat looking over the lanscaped gardens. In the bathroom was an centre bath with gold taps and her eyes opened wide when she saw it. We got to get in there she said without any hesitation.
I was taken aback with this comment, but did not waste anytime in ensuring her wish became reality.
The B&B left a small bottle of port next to the bed, with 2 glasses. I poured us each a glass, and asked if she would like it here, or in the bath? In the bath of course she answered. She ran the hot water and added plenty of bubbles and jumped in......I was lingering outside of the room as the door was shut, and really did not know what to I go in, or do I wait for her to say she is ready, or she is waiting for me..........I left it a few minutes and then slowly opened the door...she grinned and said I wondered how long you were going to be....come on, get in!! We shared a bath for about 20 minutes before getting out and putting on the lovely robes and laying on the bed to dry. We chatted for a while, I then I commented how lovely J looked with the sparkling white robe against her soft dark skin. As she moved her robe fell open at the top giving me a perfect view of a dark brown nipple on her perfectly shaped breast. I put my hand into her robe and carressed her breast......she just let out a small moan and put her head back on the pillow....leaning right back pushing her breasts towards me. I undid her robe with my other hand, and pushed it apart revieling her silky skin and upper body. I moved in with my mouth and kissed her lips for the first time. It was like an electric pulse running through me as I had never lissed like this before, so sensual, so loving, so horny! I moved down to her breasts with my mouth, gently licking, sucking and nibbling on her nipples, moving from one to the other, tweaking the other one with my fingers. All the time she was letting out these sweet little moans........I moved the robe further apart so she was just laying on top of it, and I moved my hand down to her finely trimmed pussy. It was so wet, she was so turned on.....I slipped a finger inside her and moved it in and out while still sucking on her nipples. She said faster, so I increased the speed a little, using my thumb now on her clit. This went on for a while, and my cock was aching for action, but I was more that happy to see J enjoying the experience....I knew my time would come. I kissed all the way down her body until I reached her soaking pussy. I spread her legs apart, and she moved up the bed to lean against the headboard so she could see what I was doing. I starting licking her clit like it was the sweetest ice cream you had ever tasted, taking in every moment I was there. I kept my finger in there too, teasing her with a come to me action which drove her wild. I felt her arch her back once more pushing her pussy into my face harder as she gave out a scream as she came........she relaxed as I continued what I was doing, and it was not too long before she did exactly the same as she came again, but this time it was a lot stronger than before. She begged for me to stop, so I moved over to my side of the bed, with my hard cock point out of my robe. She lent over and took it in her hand, massaging me, then she took me into her mouth. She sucked and licked me like noone has ever before, with grace and tenderness. I was in heaven, and it was not long before I felt myself starting to cum. I stopped her and said that I wanted to come inside her. She jumped up and sat on top of me, and started to ride my cock. Within seconds, we were both coming together, I was trying my hardest not to shout or to moan too loudly but there was little chance of that as the intensity was way too great. J too was moaning very loudly, but neither of us cared as we were so carried away with the sensation of the greatest orgasm. 
We lay in each others arms and both fell asleep, by this time it was well gone midnight, and I needed to be up and out by 5.30am. We awoke with sore heads from the drink the night before, but both had smiles on our faces as we remembered everything that happened. I showered and dressed as J got her things together. We left before the owner awoke, and I dropped J off before heading to the airport.
We kept in contact daily after that, and often spoke about our evening of passion, and I am really pleased to say that we repeated it on 5 other occasions. I am still in contact with her now, as we both still work for the same company, albeit in different locations. And you never day it may all happen again...... We will see. 

The Hotel Maid

I Went away for the weekend and stayed at a big hotel near the beach the first night i was down there i had a few drinks and was abit seedy in the morning i was just chilling out on the balcony in my boxer shorts and a shirt when i heard a knock i looked around and thought maybe it wasnt my room and then i heard the door open i quickly ducked out of view and peeked through the sliding door to see who it was and in walked a pretty little asian maid she seemed to be in her 20's she went straight into the bathroom so i had a moment to think on what i was going to do 

I was feeling horny so i unbuttoned my boxer shorts and pulled part of my cock out just so it seemed like an accident i was just staring out at the water when i heard the door slide shut i turned around and she was standing there smiling at me then she just went on cleaning so i walked inside and she said "hello would you like me to make the bed?" and i said "sure thats no problem" just as she went to walk in the bedroom she glanced at my cock and smiled 

So i followed her into the room i started to pick up clothes and put them in my bag by this time i was semi hard so my cock was protruding out more.I was standing right next to the bed pretending to look at my phone she was on her knees moving around the bed tucking in the sheets she came up really close to me got on her knees moving the beding around and i was watching her she was staring at my cock she looked up at me and gave me a shy smile

She finished making the bed and went out to her cart she came back and said "Is there anything else i can do for you" she had a big grin on her face so i thought for a second how best to put it to her without getting kicked out so i asked "Does this hotel do massage therapy?" She walked straight up to me and grabbed out my cock i was shocked she led me to the bed using my cock as a leash we got to the bed and she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock i was so horny i thought i was going to cum straight away but managed to keep my composure

She stood up and slipped off her pants an knickers and jumped on the bed in the doggy style position i buried my face in her backside sticking my tounge in her pussy and moving up and down licking every orifice she was moaning really loud so i got up on the bed and started to pound her from behind she was really tight but i showed no mercy i went as hard as i could i felt like i was going to cum so i pulled out and started jerking off she scrambled underneath my cock to swallow the cum so i grabbed her head just as i was cumming and rammed my cock down her throat
my cock was pulsating in her mouth for a good 10 seconds

She got dressed after that and cleaned herself up as she was leaving she turned to me and said with a big grin on her face "is there anything else i can do for you?" i smiled and said "come back tommorow" she smiled and left

Silly me i should of told her to remake the bed :P

Got lucky with a girl on a cam

I had been on online chat room fir a fee hours trying to find someone to talk to I found this girl I thought at first she was fake then she asked if I had a cam I did so she asked if we could cam chat I was excited to see what she looked like so I turned mine on and entered a private cam chat with her then hers came up she wasn't the best looking girl but not ugly she had a cute face with streawberry blonde hair almost red and green eyes we chatted back and forth for awhile then she asked if she could see my cock I responded saying only if I could see her tits which gave here an idea you show me I will show you and you do what I say I will do what you say I was intrested so I agreed I pointed the camera down to show her my semi hard 7 inch cock I left the camera there for a few seconds and pointed it back to my face she giggled and said very nice what would you like to see I wanted to see her breasts and she abliged and lifted her shirt off followed by her bra they where very nice b cup breasts with nice pink nipples my cock got harder I wanted to stroke it but knew she would be able to tell so I restrained it was her turn again and she wanted to see me stroking my cock which made me very happy I moved the cam so she could get a good veiw and squirted some lube in my right hand and began to stroke enticed by her telling my how to do it and her talking dirty to me saying things like stroke your cock to me baby your making me wet I responded by asking to see her wet pussy the cam shook as she moved it and slid out of her pants to reveal her compketly shaven pussy she was right it was wet she began to rub her clit as I stroked myself she then asked me to do something I never expected why don't you play with your ass while you jerk off I was ok with this because I have played with my ass before alot I ran my left hand down to my hole and started to rub and finger my ass she rubbed harder now what do you want baby I asked if she had a foldout or something to shove in her pussy oh yeah baby and got up and appeared again after a minute or two with a large pink vibrator it had to be 8 inches and 3 inches around it hummed as she turned it on and let it sink into her wet snatch now you have to put something in your ass I didn't have a dildo and didn't know what to use she had a few ideas like how about a carrot or cucumber didn't have either then a light bulb came on in my head my travel toothbrush holder it was about the same size and shape of a Dick I went to find it and cane back and presented it to her she let out a moan and said it would do nicely I lubed it up and slowly inserted it into my hole I had never done this before so it hurt at first but became pleasureful after a few strokes in and out I leaned back in my chair and spread my legs so she could see what I was doing with a seductive voice she told me she loves watching a guy fuck his ass it made her so wet it was my turn but I couldn't think of what I wanted her to do I was thinking as I heard her talking but not to me here roommate had came home and caught her but from the sounds of there conversation didn't care like this wasn't the first time her roommate was a male a skinny guy with alot of tattoos he sat down next to her and said what do we have here I was still stroking but had stopped playing with my ass mmmm that's a nice cock then it struck me he was gay or bi I knew what I wanted I wanted to watch these two fuck for me so I asked and he hesitated but gave in and undressed he had a smaller cock I would say about 5.5 inches maybe a little bigger she started to suck him this was the hottest thing I had ever seen it was like my own private porn show and I was the director after blowing him a bit they moved the cam closer to the bed and he started to eat her making sure I had a perfect veiw while he did then he moved up and slid his shaft deep inside her they both let out a moan and he began to pound her both of them moaning I kept jerking and then brought my toy back to my hole and was jerking harder than I eve have he pulled out and came all over her belly they both came back to the cam and asked what I thought great I wish I was there with you two they laughed and asked if I had came I ass still stroking but hadn't came he asked if I had ever swallowed my own cum no I hadn't he instructed me to do it because he had put on such a good show for me I moves the cam to my bed laid down and swung my legs over my head I knew I could get the head of my Dick in my mouth if I bent far enough which I had done many times they both loved it I jerked with my you still inserted while sucking the tip of my Dick then I felt it her it came I came the biggest load I have ever produced right in my mouth it was warm and gooey salty but not horrible I swallowed it and came back to the cam and saw that she was rubbing her clit again as he stroked off I guess that got them really horny they finished and we talked I found out that they lived only about 50 miles from me so we planned to meet up soon and exchanged phone numbers we did meet up eventually.

A fan on the train

I was catching the train home from an office I was working in and a guy sat opposite me. I was wearing a fairly low cut top and he was enjoying a really good stare. He was kind of sweet and I was feeling adventurous so I looked around to make sure it was safe and I looked up and said "Would you like to feel my tits?" He was stunned and didn't know what to say. I got really turned on because I love letting a lustful guy who I know is fantasizing get exactly what he wants. I got my big boobs out and said "I really want you to feel my tits" He was still unsure so I grabbed his hand and put it on my left boob. He started to stroke gently and then got stuck in with both hands. I just sat back and let him feel me all over. I was loving every second because there is nothing better than getting felt up in public. My nipples got really hard and he stroked them really well. I got wet and he got hard and we both had a great time. He stopped when we stopped at a station but kept going again as soon as we started and he thought the coast was clear. We had to stop when the train got really busy after a few stops. 

The next day I was on the same train and he got on again. He saw me from across the carriage and came straight towards me and sat opposite again. He looked so horny. I told him he could have another feel if he answered one question. I asked him if he masturbated while thinking about me the night before. He said he did. So I undid three buttons of my blouse, unhooked the front of my bra (front-hook bras, for the girl who loves getting her tits out) and let him feel again. Someone sat near us a few stops later so we had to stop. We could talk quietly though and I asked him to tell me all about how he masturbated the night before. He told me all about what he'd done. 

The next day someone offered me a lift home and I said "Sorry but there's a guy on the train who likes to feel my boobs and I don't want to disappoint him" They didn't know if I was joking or not. The train was a lot more crowded that day than before and I was disapointed. I knew that I was going to write about it all on this site and I knew it would make a disappointing ending. So when we got to the guy's station I met him at the door and said "The trains too crowded, lets get the next one" I got off and told him that we had twenty minutes before the next train and ten minutes before the station got crowded. If he hurried I could give him a handjob in the toilets. We went into the mens toilets together and there was a cubicle free. Surprisingly it was clean. He sat down and I got my tits out and bent over in front of him. He started to kiss and suck my nipples while I got his dick out and started to stroke. I told him to tell me when he was going to come. It didn't take long and he came into some toilet paper. 

We caught the next train together and it was nearly empty. I flashed him a few times and then waved goodbye. I'll never see him again but it makes me feel great knowing that somewhere out there is a guy furiously wanking over memories of an obliging big-boobed exhibitionist he met on a train.

Serious Fun (Brother & Sister)

It was a dark cloudy night in September a few days after my 18th birthday. I had went to stay with my sister at her apartment in the city. My sister was a beautiful girl two years older than me all my friends in school thought she was the most beautiful girl in school. I knew my thoughts where wrong but I always thought she was hot as well. I had never told anyone about my thoughts. She was a tall slender girl about 5 foot nine or so with great breasts and long smooth tan legs that led up to her tight ass. She had blonde hair and very tan skin. 

I knew she was beautiful but she was my sister so nothing could ever happen. My second night staying with her we decided to stay in for the night and watch movies. I was cooking us dinner when she told me she was getting in the shower before dinner was done. I continued to cook and dinner was done and she still hadn't returned which I thought to be odd. I went down the hall that leads to her bedroom to see what was taking here so long. The door was cracked a bit and as I went to open it I saw here laying on the bed naked rubbing her pussy. I stood there and watched her moan and ache her back my cock was rock hard. I knew watching her was wrong but I couldn't seem to walk away. I finally told myself this is alot wrong and walked away. I felt so ashamed of my self what had I done that was my own sister and I just watched her. She then emerged from here room and we at down and ate dinner. I was quite for the night beating myself up because of what I did.

She asked me if I was alright a few times and I always replied that I was just tired. We watched the rest of the movie and I went to bed. As I lay there all I could think about was the sight of my sister working her shaved pussy. I couldn't hold it in any longer I needed to go tell her what happened and tell her I was sorry. I got up put on my cloths and walked down the hall to her room and knocked to which she replied come in. I walk in she is laying in bed covered up watching some late night talk show. I sat down on the bed and said sis I have something I need to tell you. She got this concerned look on her face and said whats wrong little brother. I replied I am ashemed of my self for something and I need you to know but I don't know how to say it.

Ne and her had always been close but it was still hard to say this. I paused and then was abject to get it out. " earlier after you took your shower I had finished dinner and came looking for you and well I kinda saw you when you where on your bed I didn't mean to". "How much did you see" she blurted out her cheeks where bright red. I told her everything that I saw her rubbing her pussy and that even though I knew it was wrong I couldn't help but look for a moment I was so ashamed I told her. She told me not to worry that it would be our little secret. I was relived she wasn't mad at me. "So did you like what you saw" I didn't know how to respond so I just nodded my head yes.

" well that's good you know I never had anybody watch me play with my pussy before". I laughed oh really and we charted a bit more. She then told me something that shocked me "well you have seen me now I get to see you right". I thought she was joking and shrugged it off. "Cone on now take it out I know your horny and want to jerk off after my little show earlier". I yelled no your my sister that's not right we can't do that its not right. I got up to walk away and she reached out and ripped my shorts down exposing my ass. I quickly pulled them back up and contuned towards the door. She told me to come back and talk to her so I did. I sat back on the bed and said "what" kind of Angrly. "I just want to see it you saw me its only fair it can be our secret you know I have always found you sexy and that you think the same about me" she had me she was right but I was still hesitant. "If you don't feel right after you take your shorts off you can put them back on and walk out and I will never mention it again". 

I wanted to but than again I didn't but I was really horny so I slowly stood up and removed my shorts. She only said woah litlle bother your not so little. I have a 7 inch cock which seems bigger on my small frame of a 120 pounds at six foot tall my pubes where trimmed short and my body well taken care of. I sat down on the bed and began to stroke my cock right next to her I had never been hotter. I looked over and my sister had her hands down the blankets and I could tell he was rubbing her pussy which turned me on more. Then I went on auto pilot and my hormones took over and I asked "want some help with that?" She shook her head and I peeled the covers back to revel her she wasn't wearing and pants. I reached down and started to rub her and she reached over and stroked my throbbing hard cock it was so hard now it hurt. I wanted to taste her juices badly. I positioned my head between her legs and looked her in the eye " you know there's no going back after this right?" Yes I said and began to eat her pussy it tasted so sweet maybe because it was wrong but it felt so right. I ate her pussy with everything I had until I felt her thighs clench around my head and her body started to shake and she came all over my face. 

She was still breathing hard and I laid back next to her. I was rubbing my cock again and then she got down on her knees on the floor and told me to face her which of course I did. She licked my balls and all the way up my shaft and took by cock in her mouth and furiously sucked me. I then felt her fingers around my ass she was trying to play with my ass. I never has that done before during a blow job from a girl. I I being a bi male had guys okay with my ass before and even been fucked but never a girl do it.

I let her keep going it felt amazing she stopped sucking and asked if I liked that and I told her yes I do. She started sucking me again and she had two fingers deep in my ass. I screamed out I'm cumming and she kept fucking letting me cum in her mouth. She got back on the bed and asked me " do you like things in your ass little brother". I told her about me being bi and some of the things I had done no details but just that I had been fucked before. I knew she wouldn't tell anyone and she was the first person I told about it.

"Well I got a treat for you then. Do you want to fuck me?" Of course I did and told her so. "Well I get to fuck you to then." There was no argument from me she stood up and went to her closet and soon emerged with a strap on dildo it had to be 9 inched long and very thick. "Me and my friends use this on each other sometimes but never on a guy this should be fun". She strapped it on and instructed me yo lie on my back I did. She grabbed a bottle of lube from her drawer and lubed up my ass and the dildo. "You ready for this?" "Yes" she pressed it against my ass and slowly slid it in it hurt a bit but felt great. She stared to pick up speed and was fucking me hard. she kept stroking my cock as she pounded my hard I knew I wouldn't last much longer and then my body tightened and I squirted cum all over my stomach. My sister pulled out the dildo and laid next to me. I then told her it was her turn and since she fucked my ass I was going to fuck hers. She didn't argue and got in the doggie position but I wanted to look at her while I fucked her so I rolled here over. 

I grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed up her ass and my Dick. I pressed the.head cock my cock against her ass and starter to push she took me deep in and I began to punish her ass with my cock. She was moaning deeply loving the way I fucked her. I then had an idea and I grabbed the strap on that was on the bed next to to us and inserted it into her pussy pulling it in and out as I fucked her ass as well. She loved it when I did that and it made her come instantly I was close to cumming again and kept poudning her ass until I came deep in her ass. 

We then laid next to each other and agreed how great it was but I hadn't got to feel my Dick in her pussy and I wanted to. I climbed on top of her and plunged deep inside of her soaking wet snatch until she came again. We both then went and got in the shower and she was looking so hot with the water dripping off her body I got down on my knees and ate her pussy again then turning her around and spreading her ass cheeks and ate her ass out as well. We then got out and laid in bed naked together and fell asleep and fucked again the next morning and the rest of the time I was there and still fuck when we get the chance.